This artist adds color to Photographs from history and the results are absolutely stunning

Imagery in the mind is processed by human emotion where the past remains locked within the human psyche.

Photographs to that effect, conjure up the same emotional feelings helping us to not just watch but rather feel the memories of the past. But what happens when photographs are blurred with unrealistic colors or black and white?

While black and white images are considered unique and vintage, they mask the true experience of history. This is what Artist Marina Amaral seeks to correct by adding color to amazing photographs from history.

1 “When a photo is in color, it is no longer distant. It represents something that could’ve happened yesterday.”

History cannot be experienced by all and sundry. It is through photographs that we share a bond,where the memory and the image remain etched over time. However images of war or civil unrest, images of calamity or conquest do not capture the true emotions of the moment.

You can’t visualize a battle zone in black and white. The fire that burns from devastation will always burst into plumes of different shades. Watch how artist Marina Amaral colorizes history in true depiction of not just color but color as possibly seen from witnesses of the moment. Marina’s photograph helps you visualize the real thing.

When a photo is in color, it is no longer distant

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