15 Actors That Hollywood Won’t Cast Anymore

Every actor has that phase where their work starts to shake. Their box office returns are no longer consistent and they start to lose money more than they make. Once this happens, directors, producers and casting companies take notice.

Nobody wants to invest money in an actor who is not bankable. This is why many famous Hollywood stars who were a huge deal a decade ago cannot be seen anymore or have smaller roles in movies now. Here are some of the most famous actors who Hollywood does not want to cast anymore.

1Gwyneth Paltrow

Most people might be wondering why her name is on the list as she was seen in 2019’s ‘Avenger’s Endgame’ which is now the highest-grossing movie of all time. This is because she was under contract but can you name any other movie she’s been in? This is because of her attitude and diva personality on set that rubs people the wrong way.

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2Michael Fassbender

Another actor who was seen in a superhero flick this year was Michael Fassbender. He played ‘Erik Lehnsherr’ or ‘Magneto’ in 2019’s ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’. The actor stated in multiple interviews that he is tired of the spotlight and is thinking of taking a break from acting. His recent movies have not been financial blockbusters as they used to be.

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3Jessica Biel

Many people remember Jessica Biel as the wife of Justin Timberlake and from the few successful movies she’s been in such as ‘Blade: Trinity’, ‘New Year’s Eve’, ‘Total Recall’. The fall for the actresses came as her movies were unable to be successful at the box office and many of her roles were snagged by Anne Hathaway.

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4Jessica Alba

She has been on the list of the most beautiful actresses ever for decades and still is a crush for many of her fans but the actress hasn’t seen much success when it comes to her movies. ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Sin City’, ‘Awake’ were all critical and financial flops which made directors and producers wary about casting her in lead roles.

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5Amanda Bynes

One of the saddest career deaths in Hollywood has to be Amanda Bynes’. She was a huge hit in the early 2000s with teen movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, a string of flops, followed by a drug habit and mental breakdown kept the actress in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Rumors are that the actress is trying to make her way back and we hope all the very best for her.

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