These 15 Celebrities Were Caught Lying About Their Age

In Hollywood age plays a bigger role than people think. Your age, especially if you’re a female will be the defining factor on how much work you keep getting after a certain point. This is why there have been numerous stories of actors, actresses and even musicians hiding their real age.

But, why does the age of a person really matter? There are numerous reasons why some people like keeping their age a secret. In an industry like showbiz, even a sliver of power over others can change a person’s life.

1Hilary Duff

Hilary did what most teenagers do – lie about their age to enter night clubs. However, she was a celebrity since she was a child. But she still admitted to using sister Hailey’s ID to get into a club. Since the two look similar, she got away with it. Hilary was a big name in Hollywood already and didn’t succeed in lying about her age too much.

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2James Blunt

When celebs lie and the truth comes out, it’s an embarrassing situation. This was the case for James blunt. When he debuted in 2004, his record label asked him to say he was a few years older than he actually was, to be taken more seriously by the public. Since then his real age has been revealed but James is still committed to the lie.

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3Mila Kunis

She may be liked and respected today, but she wasn’t always. She had a bit of an attitude problem, and now you know that she lied about her age. Mila’s breakthrough came in ‘That ‘70s Show’. She auditioned for the role when she was only 14 but lied and said she was “going to be 18 soon”. She landed the role because of this lie. Maybe casting directors should pursue a more intensive background check.

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4Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson had conjured up a fantastical lie about her past. He claimed that she was in her twenties when she spent time in Africa. There she contracted malaria and had visions about her future success. Actually, she wasn’t in her 20s then (she claimed she was 29). She was actually 35 when this happened.

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5Laurence Fishburne

Even the legendary Laurence Fishburne lied about his age to get a role. He was only 14 when he got a chance to star in Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now’. However, the role was for an older teen character. He said he was 16 years old and scored the role. However, the production was troubled and when it was finally over, Laurence was older than16!

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