15 Celebrities That Everyone Thinks Are Nice People But Are Not In Real Life

We often think that celebs are always nice to their fans. Why not? Their fans are the ones who respect them the most and also the ones who pay for the things they do and the reason why they are rich. These are reasons enough for celebs to be nice to fans but there are some who don’t follow this rule.

There have been many reports of celebs being rude to fans. You’d be forgiven to think that this was due to the fans being rude to being with but the fact of the matter is that some celebs are just rude.

1Vanessa Hudgens

There have been many rumors circulating around Hollywood about Vanessa Hudgens being a bit too clingy. Rumors have it that if you approach the singer and actress she will be the sweetest person you will ever meet. But, if you approach her boyfriend and you’re of the opposite gender and you show any kind of romantic signs towards him, you’re in for a bad day.

Image Source: nickiswift.com

2Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is one of those ‘comedians’ who thinks shock equals funny. If you waste brain cells watching any of her standup specials you’ll know she isn’t. Unfortunately, what she does on stage is just a glimpse into how she is in real life. She believes being shocking and inappropriate will somehow make her seem funny. She does this a lot in real life.

Image Source: insider.com

3Jon Hamm

There are some actors who are obnoxious while others just like a healthy personal space. Unfortunately, you cannot tell which one is Jon Hamm. There have been reports where he is lovely to fans at times while sometimes ignoring them while in his personal space. We’re not quite sure when he does this but if he could communicate when to approach him, it would be lovely.

Image Source: www.pedestrian.tv

4Mariah Carey

Over the years there have been many reports that the music diva has been a bit hard to work with for multiple reasons. She has a long list of things her backstage crew needs to do for her and has high standards for them to work under. She is also known to ignore fans on some occasions.

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5John Mayer

For a singer who made a career by writing love songs, he sure can’t keep a girl. The singer has had multiple girlfriends over the course of his career, all of which have ended and what’s even more interesting is that they turn into enemies after the breakup. Rumor has it that he is a tad bit too controlling.

Image Source: www.johnmayer.com

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