Celebrities Who Look Incredible With Their Original Hairstyle

Celebs love playing with their hairstyles. They can change them like the weather. Unlike the average person who has to think twice before changing their hairstyle. Even if they don’t like their new hairstyle they have an army of hairstylists that can undo their mistake.

Most of the celebs we know and love today do not have their natural hairstyles. With each New Year, new trend, new project, celebrities like to change their hairstyles. But many of them look better with their natural style and many of them have reverted back to their natural style.

1Tyra Banks

She was the first woman of African-American descent to be featured on the covers of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue which was a huge turning point for the modeling industry. She was also one of the world’s top-earning models. Throughout her career, she has changed her hairstyles a number of times but we will never forget her original natural thick wavy hair that made her stand out.

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Zendaya began her career when she was quite young and hence went through many phases of changing her hairstyle. For a majority of her recent projects, she has had curly hair that was seen in both Spiderman movies. This according to her was because of the damage straightening her hair was doing.

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3Vanessa Hudgens

For the majority of her career, Vanessa Hudgens has always kept either short waves or curls. Both look incredible on the actress but the curls were her natural style. She has experimented with other styles but has always come back to the curls or her soft waves. We have to say that her natural style looks incredible.

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4Jennifer Lopez

When Jennifer Lopez began her career she had beautiful curls that looked quite stylish on her. But as her career progressed she experimented with her hairstyle and finally settled for straight her much like her contemporaries. She has been seen sporting her old hairstyle a few times in recent years.

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Just like J-Lo when Beyoncé entered the music industry she too had curls. Over the years she has changed her hairstyle quite a lot but somehow she has always come back to her curly hair. It is now her iconic look and something that she should not change in the years to come.

Image Source: radioservices.sk

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