Celebrities Who Have Tried Hard To Hide Their Secret Children

We live in a society that promotes parenthood. If you look on social media at anyone who became a parent their posts will be full of baby pictures and inspirational quotes. But the same cannot be said about celebrities. It is understandable that being a celeb is not the same as being a regular person.

Things work differently and there are a few things they would want to keep hidden including children. Here are some celebs who have hide the fact that they had children for years before the media found out.

1Steven Tyler

The Aerosmith frontman has had numerous relationships over the years. But he has one extremely famous daughter. Liv Tyler, the actress is the daughter of Steven. Liv didn’t always know who her father was. But she guessed it wasn’t Todd Rundgren, the boyfriend of her mother Bebe Buell. Steven and Liv met, bonded and 5 years later she changed her last name.

Steven Tyler

Image Source: people.com

2Arnold Schwarzenegger

He is one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood. He has also been a Governor. But he lost a lot of respect when his secret love child came out. He had a baby with the family maid Mildred Baena. The son, Joseph came out when he was a teenager. This led to the dissolution of Arnold’s marriage by his wife Maria Schriver.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image Source: www.etonline.com

3Oscar de la Hoya

In 1999, this famous boxer had a daughter with Playboy model Shanna Moakler. Oscar quickly denied that he was the father. Shanna wasn’t having it and slammed a $62.5 million lawsuit on Oscar! He accepted he was the dad ad they settled out of court. Oscar is often seen with daughter Atiana.

Oscar de la Hoya

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

4Liam Gallagher

Many people in the music world are known to have secret relationships and children. The Oasis frontman was married to singer Nicole Appleton when he cheated with journalist Liza Ghorbani. The relationship led to the birth of a daughter, Gemma. The estranged father and daughter have ongoing court battles related to money. Liam also has three other kids.

Liam Gallagher

Image Source: gallagher.com

5Hugh Grant

He is one of the most famous Hollywood actors and is known for his charm and womanizing. He first became a father at age 53! He now has 5 children in total. He had an on-off relationship with receptionist Tinglan Hong, which resulted in two children. He also has a child with TV producer Anna Eberstein.

Hugh Grant

Image Source: people.com

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