15 Famous Celebrities That You Did Not Know Could Sing, Dance, And Act

You can become a star by acting, singing or dancing. Hollywood is the land of opportunity. Work hard here and soon you’ll be in the big leagues. We often take celebs for granted and peg them down as people who only know how to do one thing and that is the thing that made them famous. But, there are some who break the mold.

There are many celebs that are jacks of all trades and can sing, dance and act. And we’re not talking about just a little bit; we’re talking about performances in all three with passion.

1Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake began his career as a part of the boy band called NSYNC. When the group disbanded he was the only one who achieved worldwide success and commercial and critical praises. He is an incredible singer and can dance his heart out. His lead role in the movie ‘In Time’ showed off his acting skills as well.

Image Source: www.billboard.com

2Neil Patrick Harris

What can ‘Barney Stinson’ not do? Neil Patrick Harris is known to be an extremely gifted actor, singer, and dancer. It is safe to say he is the total package and that he did not act like the most iconic character from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ but in fact, he just played himself to the fullest of his capabilities.

Image Source: yimg.com

3Lady Gaga

It’s safe to say that we saw this one coming. From the start of her career, Gaga has had a fire for singing, dancing as well as acting. Her role in ‘A Star Is Born’ may not have gotten an Oscar but showed that Gaga has some range and her appearance on ‘American Horror Story’ showed she can pull off anything.

Image Source: morningpicker.com

4Kate Hudson

She has a number of movies under her belt the best ones being ‘Almost Famous’, ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’, ‘Nine’, etc. Along with that, she is also an accomplished writer and fashion designer. In some of her movies, she has let her feet and vocals do the talking. She is the complete package.

Image Source: scstylecaster.com

5Jennifer Lopez

This is a no brainer and something that will surprise no one. But Jennifer Lopez did surprised people when she went from a background dancer on ‘In Living Color’ in 1993 to one of the biggest names in Hollywood with 1997’s ‘Selena’. She continued her musical and acting career and is a powerhouse of talent today.

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