15 Famous Celebrities That You Did Not Know Could Sing, Dance, And Act

6Will Smith

He began as an actor with ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ which was helped by his already emerging rap career under the name ‘The Fresh Prince’. He went on to be in cult classic movies and continued his rap career without a hitch. And now and again he did bust a move to show just how good he is at everything.

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7Donald Glover

He is best known as college student ‘Troy Barnes’ on the NBC sitcom ‘Community’ which gained him critical and commercial praises. He also makes music under the stage name Childish Gambino. His song ‘This Is America’ was hugely controversial for how blatantly it showed the racism that is rampant in America while showing off his dance moves.

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8Zac Efron

Thanks to the ‘High School Musical’ franchise he was able to work on his singing, dancing as well as acting capabilities. He did sing a lot of the songs in those movies and worked with dance professionals on the dance sequences. He has taken up serious roles that showcased his acting talent.

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9Ryan Gosling

He became famous for stealing hearts as ‘Noah’ in ‘The Notebook’ and then transitioned to more serious roles. 2016’s ‘La La Land’ showcased Gosling to his full potential as an actor, singer, and dancer. His moves and acting was flawless and the musical was able to capture every moment of it brilliantly.

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10Hugh Jackman

Did you know that ‘Wolverine’ is an exceptional singer and dancer? The actor gave us a glimpse of his vocals in the 2001 comedy ‘Kate & Leopold’. He got another chance to show off with the 2012 ‘Les Misérables’ and then again in 2017’s ‘The Greatest Showman’ for which he received a Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album.

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