15 Famous And Seemingly Perfect Celebrities Who Have Physical Imperfections

Everyone single human has some imperfection that they would like to change. This could be physical or even mental. But, there are things that all of us hate about ourselves that we would like to change and would change in a heartbeat if given the chance.

This is where we envy the lives of celebrities. They are rich, famous and have a ton of contacts. If they do not like anything about themselves they can easily get it changed overnight. And many celebrities have done so. Plastic surgery is all the rage in Hollywood but there are still a few who resist it.

1Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour was cast as James Bond’s girlfriend in the film ‘Live and Let Die’. She was only 20 but her excellent performance ensured she had a successful career. She has appeared in tons of movies and TV shows over the years. The beautiful actress was born with heterochromia. Her eyeballs are of different colors.

Image Source: upsocl.com

2Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones has had a long and fulfilling career as an actress. She started as a dancer and theatre personality but then transitioned to movies. She has a scar in her jugular cavity. When she was a child, she was seriously ill and doctors had to insert a tube in her neck so she could breathe. The scar is the result of that tracheotomy.

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3Keira Knightley

She is one of the most gorgeous English actresses in Hollywood today. She has won hearts with her performances in movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Her gorgeous smile may be the reason behind her charm but it’s not a perfect smile. She has crooked teeth but the imperfections make her smile unique.

Image Source: upsocl.com

4Padma Lakshmi

The American author and TV host has never bothered to hide her long scar. She got it when she was in a car accident at age 14. She believes that the scar is as much a part of her body as anything else ad doesn’t think it’s an imperfection. She is beautiful anyway.

Image Source: adme.ru

5Kate Moss

Kate Moss was one of the first supermodels and she is one of the most loved and respected models all over the world. She is a massive British celebrity today. She has one flaw that every model wants to avoid – crooked legs. But Kate owns her legs and has made a career despite having crooked legs. She often doesn’t wear clothes that show her legs on the runway.

Image Source: adme.ru

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