Meet The Hollywood Couple Have Been Happily Married For Over 60 Years And Still Continue To Love Each Other

There are many couples in Hollywood who are proving that love still exists. You might be wondering why they need to prove that. It is because Hollywood celebs don’t have the same love life as you and I. They don’t find it hard to find someone to date so it becomes a problem to stay committed to one person for a long time.

Here is the story of a Hollywood megastar, an A-list actor who met a girl like no other and that brought out the gentleman in him. The two dated then got married, had a stressful marriage and still stuck together for over 60 long years.

1Hollywood and love

Today when we see Hollywood couples we mostly see a publicity stunt. There have been countless Hollywood couples who claimed to love each other and dated for months before breaking it off or even going to the extent of getting married only to break it off a few months or a year later. Many Hollywood celebs have given love a very bad name.

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2New Hollywood v/s old Hollywood

This is where the debate between new Hollywood and old Hollywood started. Many of the most iconic and legendary Hollywood stars of the 50s to 70s got married and are still together. Even the ones that are still active like Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep have been married for over 40 years. But, there is one couple that outshines them all.

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3Kirk and Anne Douglas

Kirk and Anne Douglas tied the knot on May 29, 1954, and in 2019, they have one of the longest marriages in the history of Hollywood. This is something that will baffle younger people as they cannot fathom how two people can love each other for 65 long years and that too while being Hollywood stars.

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4A rocky start

The two first met in 1953 and this was when Kirk was already an A-list movie star with dozens of women throwing themselves at him. They meet on the set of ‘Act of Love’ via a mutual friend. This was in Paris so he planned to take her on a date to the most romantic and expensive restaurant La Tour d’Argent. But, he was rejected.

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5The first rejection

Upon hearing where Kirk wanted to take her she politely rejected his offer and chose to stay at home and have scrambled eggs. This was the first time that Kirk faced rejection and was also the first time he met a sophisticated woman like Anne. This is when Kirk decided to show Anne that he wasn’t like the other movie stars of the time.

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