15 Little Facts You Did Not Know About Prince Harry And Prince William’s Relationship

The lives of all the members of the royal family is like an open book. They cannot keep secrets as these can be used against the family to defame them. Their past, present and future plans all need to be transparent to the public.

This is where we come to Prince Harry and Prince William. The brothers have been the center of attention for years but there are still tiny details about their lives that the public does not know about.

1They are both trained pilots

William and Harry attended the Defence Helicopter Flying School in 2009 and learned to fly a helicopter. William trained to become a Search and Rescue pilot. Harry trained to become a pilot in the Army Air Corps. Seeing them in uniform is definitely one of the most pleasing sights.

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

2They held a snake once

In 2010, Harry and William embarked on a tour of Africa for 10 days. They were in Africa to learn about environmental education and other problems faced by Africa. One of the most unique experiences they had was being led to hold an African Rock Python. The brothers took it in their stride and enjoyed it.

Image Source: time.com

3They grew up in boarding schools

The princes both attended Ludgrove boarding school. When they grew up, they eventually went to Eton College together. William was already at Ludgrove when Harry was sent there too. May believed Diana did this to protect Harry from the media glare surrounding her, due to her relationship with James Gilbey at the time.

Image Source: www.thetimes.co.uk

4They met the ‘Star Wars’ cast

The princes met the cast of the ‘Last Jedi’ movie back in 2016 when they were filming in Buckinghamshire. William and Harry had a lightsaber fight too! Harry also had a chat with Mark Hamil while sitting in an A-wing fighter jet.

Image Source: bbci.co.uk

5They enjoyed sitting at the piano

Just as every child loves to hit the keys on a piano, so did the brothers. They may not be musical geniuses, but there are a few pictures of the two playing the piano together. This is the cutest picture of the brothers being adorable little children. Maybe their kids do the same thing now?

Image Source: thetalkoimages.com

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