People Share Beautiful And Heartwarming Stories About The Nicest Guy In Hollywood

6He’s one of a kind

Hanks isn’t like most movie stars who are just kind to their fans. He is kind and respectful to everyone around him which earned him the nice guy status. In multiple interviews, he has stated that he loves to connect with people and talk to them about life and their experience. He doesn’t mind talking to fans on the streets or chatting with servers in restaurants.

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7Best actor to meet

Normally when fans meet their favorite actors the encounter is always simple. They meet followed by a handshake or hug, photograph, and autograph. The conversation part is always short or just left out as fans know actors are busy people. But, not Mr. Hanks. There have been many stories where he has had genuine conversations for hours with his fans.

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8He actually reads fan mail

What happens with most actors is that they have people who sort through their fan mail and pick out important ones that the actors should answer. If the mail isn’t interesting or just something simple an assistant will answer it on behalf of the actor or actress. Tom actually takes time out to read and answer his fan mail.

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9He goes out of the way to make people happy

To know just how wholesome he can be just look at the things he does to make people happy. When there is an autograph signing most people are told to bring some promotional memorabilia to be signed but when children approach Mr. Hanks without any, he just signs whatever they have.

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10He is exactly how you see him

Did you know that Tom Hanks has never played a villain? He has played negative characters but never someone who is just evil. In ‘Road to Perdition’ he played a mobster who killed people for a living. In ‘A League of Their Own’ he played a drunken coach who redeemed himself. In ‘The Ladykillers’ he played a scheming deceptive robber who gets his comeuppance in the form of death.

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