People Share Beautiful And Heartwarming Stories About The Nicest Guy In Hollywood

11He is just that good

In his over 40 years of service as an actor, he has done many wonderful things for his fans and people in general. There are many actors who play nice guys on screen but aren’t that nice in real life but when it comes to Mr. Hanks? He is exactly as you see him on screen. Matter of fact he is even more charming and kind in real life.

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12He behaves like everyone else

When you see most actors today they are usually followed by an entourage of bodyguards and personal assistants. But when Mr. Hanks strolls out, he does that alone. There have been many stories where fans were unable to meet their idols because their entourage stopped them from doing it. But, when it comes down to Mr. Hanks, he will gladly pose for a picture and a chat.

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13He works very hard

To say Tom Hanks works very hard at his craft as an actor is an understatement. The man is gifted and can put a smile on your face in whichever role he plays. He always plays comedic and dramatic roles but there is always a heart to his character that wouldn’t exist if a talented actor as himself didn’t play that character.

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14He does not bring any attention to himself

When celebs do anything good like charity or helping out fans you often hear it on the news or read about it in the tabloids. This is not a bad thing but they could’ve easily done it without informing the press and media. This is when Mr. Hanks shines as one of those few celebs who do not care for media or social media attention for the work he does.

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15His net worth means nothing

All his movies have grossed over $4.9 billion in the US and over $9.96 billion worldwide. He is the fifth-highest-grossing actor and has a ton of awards. But, all this means nothing to the man himself. According to him, this does not change who he is as a human and only is relevant to his legacy. This is the type of thinking that makes Tom Hanks one of a kind and someone we should all be grateful to have.

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