15 Things You Did Not Know About Taylor Swift’s Gazillion Relationships

You already know the memes made about Taylor Swift and her multiple relationships over the course of her fabulous and successful career. But, did you know that there are certain details about these relationships that her fans do not know about?

Yes, the best-selling music artist of all time has secrets about her long list of relationships that she does not want you to know about. Taylor has dated a lot of men and it is her choice but looking at the list does still baffles us as to how she still hasn’t found Mr. Right.

1She doesn’t discuss her love life on TV

Taylor is a regular guest on TV talk shows. However, unlike other stars, she doesn’t oblige when she is asked about who she is dating. Taylor likes to keep her dating life personal. She doesn’t like to comment on rumors about her either. It’s up to fans to either confirm or deny.

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2She sometimes disguises herself

Sometimes even celebrities want to be able to go out on dates like normal people. But that won’t happen because their fans will recognize them and surround them. To avoid this, Taylor often wears disguises when she goes out. This has been seen especially since when she started dating Joe Alwyn.

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3She blames the media

We feel this one, Tay. Taylor is just a successful girl who wants a successful romance too. But because she is such a huge star, her romances are always documented in the media. She often says that media attention ruins her relationships and that might be true. She has tried to hide Joe from the media and so far so good.

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4Taylor doesn’t like talking about marriage and kids

Taylor is a strong woman and doesn’t mind shutting down misogynistic questions. She once got upset about being asked about marriage and kids all the time. She said it was because she’s a woman. A man of her age wouldn’t be asked the same questions. And we totally think this is true.

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5Taylor treasures her privacy

After multiple relationships being ruined by the media, Taylor decided she would try her very best to hide her new relationship from the media. And that seems to have worked. She has been dating Joe Alwyn for a long time now and things are good. She loves her privacy and her personal life is hers alone.

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