These dip dye wedding dresses are your #weddingoals2016

Wedding season will begin and every bride will be looking for a wedding dress that will make them stand out from the others and the market is filled with new and unusual colors, designs and concepts. But this new dip and dye concept of coloring the wedding dress will blow your mind. Take a look.

1 What is dip dye wedding dresses?

dip dye wedding dresses

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Dip dye wedding dresses are the newest craze in the wedding markets. These dresses are white with some beautiful colors on the bottom of the dress. The colors give the formal dresses some more zest and make the special day of your life more brightness and gives you the chance to become more imaginative and creative with your wedding dress. The options are endless and as much as you can imagine or play with the colors, the outcome will be that much more beautiful. Click next to see some more images of different colored dip dye dresses and the DIY tutorial.

What is dip dye wedding dresses

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