6 Easy binder clip hacks to get your home organized

As house hacks go, there are many amazing ways you can use the several items lying around your office and home. Nondescript stationery items can come in handy in more than one unique ways that will save you quite a number of problems at home.

Consider the humble paper clip. While some people use these as clothes pegs when running out of pegs, there are others who have created unbelievable ways to make this item useful. Here are some clever binder clip hacks that you can use in your kitchen and various places at home.

1 A unique way to keep your dishwashing sponge clean and dry

The messiest part of your kitchen sink is the place where you keep your dishwashing sponge. Because of its constant use, even if you keep it in a soap dish it is always wet and dirty. Well hers a neat way to keep it dry. Just clip it with a binder clip and let it stand on the clip ends. Won’t that make a big difference?

dishwashing sponge

Image Source: www.lifehackslist.com

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