Find out what you can make out of Popsicle sticks when you boil them!

Everybody loves ice cream especially popsicles and the leftover popsicle sticks are best for making many creative things for any arts and crafts aficionado.

Due to their flexibility and ability to bend, these sticks are best things to make crafts project. They can be combined in to making anything. They also prove to be an excellent base and blocks for fun projects. Popsicle sticks can be used to make various objects such as puppets, desserts ad even wearable bracelets.

You can visit online for many popsicle arts, but one of the best things to make are bracelets out of them. All you need are some popsicle sticks, water and your creative mind to make some super cool bracelets.

1 Boil the popsicle sticks

Frist step is to gather lots of popsicle sticks. Gather as many as you want. Now fill a pot with water and boil the water.

Put these sticks in the boiling water for an hour or so. Doing so will allow the wood to soften and give the sticks a lot more flexibility and would also keep them from breaking when you fold them in a circle.

Boil the popsicle sticks

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