Homework Replaced With ‘Acts Of Kindness’ To Help Children Grow Better

Homework is something that students hate. For ages, this has been a big issue in schools and between teachers and students. On one side you have parents who want their children to be doing homework as it keeps them busy and makes them study while on the other hand too much homework is met with negative criticism.

Ask any student what part of their school life they hated the most and there is a high chance that they will say homework. Students dread it but things may change in the coming future.

1Children hate homework

This is a known fact and something many children will stand for, they hate homework. Many parents have even argued as to why small children were given homework. It is the most dreaded thing about their school life. Many parents want their children to relax and study but this opinion is not shared by everyone.

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2Homework helps children learn

The biggest excuse teachers and schools give as to why they burden their students with homework is for them to learn and study at home. This is great and all but sometimes some schools overdo it and put way too much pressure on their students to a point that it does not feel like they even left school after the day ended.

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3The education system is quite old

The normal education system the entire world follows is gone quite old and something that does not adjust well with our modern technology-driven society and world. Many have called to change the way education is taught to this generation but not much has changed. Some countries have tried and failed while others have succeeded.

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4A new way of teaching

A primary school in Clonakilty, Ireland decided to do away with all homework for the entire month of December and replaced it with ‘acts of kindness’. So, instead of memorizing tables or reciting poems they did something good every day for the whole month. This is a truly unique way of teaching that has not been seen before.

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5The school

The students who study at the Clonakilty’s Gaelscoil Mhichíl Uí Choileáin had a wonderful surprise for the month of December. The primary school did something unique in the name of teaching. For the whole month instead of giving out homework to do over the holiday, they completely replaced it with something unique.

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