Homework Replaced With ‘Acts Of Kindness’ To Help Children Grow Better

6How did they do this?

For this unique learning experience, they decided to not give any homework for the entire month of December. Rather than give homework they told their students to do one good deed every day. These were assigned by the teachers and the children had to keep a diary to note down what they had done.

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7What were the tasks?

On Mondays, they helped the elderly. On Tuesday they did home chores without being asked. On Wednesday they did a random good deed. On Thursday they took care of their own mental and emotional health. The students did the tasks and recoded their experience in their ‘Kindness Diary’ which they had to show their teachers when they returned.

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8The kindness bucket

Apart from giving them tasks to do there was also something set up called the ‘Kindness bucket’. This was a bucket in which could write positive things they noticed about their friends and classmates. They would write it on a piece of paper and put it in the kindness bucket. The notes would be read out aloud on Fridays.

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9This is not the first time

This may be the first time you’ve heard a school do something like this but this is not the first for this school. In 2018 they did the same but the topic was not kindness but gratitude. The drill was exactly the same but instead of acts of kindness, the students were asked to perform acts of gratitude.

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10Why they do it?

In 2018 the school made the students focus on the act of gratitude. They were asked to keep a gratitude journal for the month. This is done during the season of winter and Christmas because it gives the students the real spirit of Christmas, the spirit of kindness and giving.

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