How to make your own kickass homemade projector

You won’t get the level of satisfaction and self-content that you can get from doing things on your own. One can buy stuff at stores or on internet, but if you can build something on your own, no matter how big or how small; it will always be a pride moment of accomplishment.

Here is a way to build a projector out of some cereal box and things that you can find in your house.

1 Things required building this projector

Things required building this projector

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One requires a large cardboard box, a Fresnel lens and a regular magnifier glass. You also need a bright light such as a LED or LCD, whichever you find cheaper. A round cylinder of some kind as same size as the magnifier glass (pringles box will do).

Other things required are aluminium foil, tape and scissors. The LCD light can be found on eBay for $20 or so.

Things required building this projector2

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