If fairy tales could be made into stunning dresses…this 18 year old designer sure has got something to boast about!

Every young girl’s dream at some point of her life or the other is to become a princess. We grew up watching Disney movies and they just happen to paint such a pretty picture of what it’s like to be a princess and live in a huge white palace. There are very few who work towards this dream as many render it unrealistic and move on. But, one young girl is trying to live that dream with an amazing collection of dresses that make her look like she is the princess of not just one, but many fairy tales. This is the story of Angela Clayton and her stunning dresses, which give us a feeling that they are straight from the fairy tales.

1 Angela’s Story

Angela Clayton, who is an eighteen year old costume designer residing in Long Island, New York, started her foray in costume designing when she was only fourteen. It so happened that she sewed up a school uniform from an anime show, which took her around two months to complete. And this was the point when she realised that she had found her calling.

Angela was also into cosplay. She enjoyed wearing costumes to different conventions. The heavy price tags of online dresses were some sort of an impetus to drive her to make her own costumes. Although she realised down the line that it wasn’t going to be easy, she enjoyed her work, which kept her on her feet. She says that a lot of practice and dedication can result in perfection. She also says that although it comes naturally to many, it’s not something that you can’t learn how to do.

Angela's Story

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

Angela doesn’t attend conventions that frequently anymore. She devotes most of her time to focus on original designs. Some of her stunning dresses take around two hundred and fifty hours to make, and around about eleven meters of fabric each!

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