If fairy tales could be made into stunning dresses…this 18 year old designer sure has got something to boast about!

3 The white and gold ball gown

From images of some of her stunning dresses, it can be seen that Angela has put all of her creative faculties to use whilst designing. Some of her creations are original and some are recreations of costumes worn by Disney characters. Even whilst recreating, she adds her own special touch to the dresses to make them sort of personalized and all the more appealing.

One of her noteworthy creations, include a snow-white puffy ball gown with golden leaves and flowers embroidered at the hemline. Along with the dress, she also designed a princess like tiara, which was a wreath made of similar golden twigs and leaves. To top it off, the skirt portion had tiny yellow rice lights that illuminated the intricate embroidery at the bottom of the skirt. The gold and white combination worked extremely well giving her a grand, well embellished final result.

The white and gold ball gown

Image Source: www.tumblr.com

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