Learn how to draw what you see with these easy steps!

Drawing or artistic drawing is something that not everyone can do. There are methods and techniques that go into creating that perfect sketch or drawing. One of the most difficult things to do is to draw something that you are seeing. You need to get the dimensions correct, the shading correct and everything else just correct for the image to come out right.

And this is known as learning to see and draw. It also gives a person a hobby which explores hidden talents and true artistic genius. If you want to learn how to draw what you see, then here are some steps to get that image of the subject perfectly drawn on the paper in a much easier way.

1 Basic rules

The most basic and general rule in seeing and drawing is to gauge how far or near the object is in order to sketch it perfectly. The general rule in gauging the distance of an object is that the objects which are higher up on a plane or closer to the sky are smaller in size.

And the objects that are lower down on the plane are usually bigger as they are closer to you. Also the far away objects are hard to see and tend to have much softer edges than objects nearer to us.

Basic rules

Image Source: www.whstatic.com

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