A Mother Shares A Wonderful Hack To Stop The Kids From Demanding Toys This Christmas

The festival of Christmas is celebrated in the whole world with lot of love and enthusiasm and it is that time of the year when everyone wants to be at their home with their family members. Giving gifts to each other is quite normal during this festival and everyone loves to get gifts, especially kids, isn’t it?

However, there are times when parents face a problem which is related to their kids and sometimes it becomes a reason of embarrassment for the parents and that too in front of complete strangers. Today we will tell you a wonderful solution to this problem which is devised by a mother.

1What is the problem?

Whenever parents go to market for shopping with kids, it is seen that kids start making demands for the toys and they create a sort of drama over there in front of the strangers. This is pretty embarrassing for the parents but there is nothing that they can do and they have to buy a toy for their kid.

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2Everybody must have faced this problem

This is one of those problems that every parent must have faced at some point of time. It is quite common among the kids as in the early years; they tend to be stubborn and try to get their all demands fulfilled by their parents.

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3What is the solution?

Well, the only solution that parents can think of is to fulfill their kid’s demand as they are in a hurry to stop them from crying in a mall. However, if a toy is bought and given to them then it ensures that their stubbornness will increase next time and they will definitely create the same scene next time.

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4It happens more during Christmas

As Christmas is a festival in which people give gifts, kids try to press more for toys when they are taken for Christmas shopping. There is no doubt that kids should get toys on Christmas but they should not engage in such antics as it will make them adamant.

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