7 Must know life-altering bra hacks and tips

2 Take care while washing them

Your bras are your support system, at least of some very vital organs and, as the size of the organs increase and so do the size of the bras and exponentially the prices of the bras. And again as many different kinds of bras you have, the prices will be different and so does the method of taking care of them.

You cannot just throw your expensive bras in the washer along with normal clothes and wash them. Neither can you hand wash them, old timey style. Since you need the bra cups to keep their form while you wash your bra, you need a bra ball. All you need to do is place your expensive bra in the ball, so that the cups keep their shape and drop it in the washer. No damage done and your bra will be as good as new.

Take care while washing them

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3 Stop the straps from digging in your shoulder

One more thing that happens if you wear a bra that is too tight is that the straps start digging in your shoulders and try to burrow their way into your body. The thinness of the straps of the bra is directly proportional to the pain in your shoulder. Now you can use some silicone filled pads under the straps, so that they don’t dig in your shoulder and give you pain or leave behind marks.

Stop the straps from digging in your shoulder

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