Talented Artist Creates Incredible Truthful Illustrations That Are Louder Than Words

Marco Melgrati was a freelance illustrator who went viral thanks to his illustrations that showcase modern issues in a very interesting light. His social media following is now sitting at over 270k followers with over 240 posts of his illustrations that people just adore.

A picture speaks a thousand words but his pictures tell a thousand stories as these incredible illustrations tackle modern issues in a creative and fun way. Some of these are just stunning while others will leave you speechless of just how incredible and thought-provoking they are.

1The net of hashtags

The hashtag net is something we’ve all seen and maybe even been a part of. One person sends out something on their social media with a particular hashtag and soon all their followers are tagging or typing the same thing. There is no better example of ‘monkey see, monkey do’. This is how you get a trend started in the 21st century.

Image Source: closeupculture.com

2Price v/s service

We all can admit that the economy of our modern countries is not that great. Even in first world countries where the economy is just wonderful the prices you pay for the services you receive are not evenly matched. Take a look at your medical bill next time to get a proper idea of what we mean.

Image Source: www.watson.ch

3Everything is dying

If you take a look at the world around you, you will notice one thing. The world is dying. This incredible illustration shows exactly that. We as the dominant species on the planet do not care about the other living creatures and are too busy fighting over our political views or religious ones to do anything about it.

Image Source: pinimg.com

4Social media narcissists

Thanks to our love of social media today, everyone is a narcissist. Everyone only cares about themselves and themselves only. They do not care about anything. Our mobile phones and the images we post on social media have become like a mirror that only shows the beauty in our pictures and never the flaws. All we do is beautify ourselves and live for likes and hearts.

Image Source: artfido.com

5Me Too breaking the illusion

We know the world is full of wrongdoings but we chose to ignore it. But, in 2017 the truth that we try to ignore slapped everyone across the face with ‘MeToo’. This image perfectly describes what happened. Everyone who was thought to be a saint and someone who could do no wrong turned out to be someone you could no longer trust.

Image Source: closeupculture.com

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