These awesome clothing tips every girl should know

It’s Saturday night and you’re excitedly exploring your wardrobe looking for the proper outfit, which will perfectly match the occasion you’re about to attend. However, you just can’t seem to find the one that beautifully suits you! Does that sound common? This is the usual struggle all girls got to face; however, things don’t have to be too difficult. You can make your life easier with some genius fashion tips, which will help you look at your best in any function. There will be some variations according to your personal body type, style, and personality; however, most of these clothing tips and tricks can work for any girl out there.

1 The Smart Way of Hanging Your Pants

This technique, called the savile row fold, is the smart solution to the common dilemma of keeping your pants from falling off the hanger. This is done by straddling the hanger along with the pants turned upside down then folding the first leg through the hanger, and folding the second leg in such order that it is resting on top of the first.

The Smart Way of Hanging Your Pants

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