Make your very own gel eyeliner at home with natural ingredients

There are various eyeliners that are available in the market but most of them contain ingredients that are harmful for the eyes. Gel eyeliners that are made at home are 100% natural and herbal as well and good for your eyes. Activated charcoal is used to make jet black eyeliner. You can make the eyeliner creamier and smoother with the help of castor oil and coconut oil as well. Homemade liner can last for a whole day without getting smudged and it stays for a long time as well.

1 Making your own gel eyeliner at home

Would you like to make your own gel eyeliner at home? There are various kinds of ingredients that you can use for making the DIY eyeliner. You would not even realize that you already have the set of ingredients required to make eyeliner at home. Making your own eyeliner at home is always a viable option. Eyeliners made in stores always contain chemicals, preservatives, turpentine, lead, thimerosal, and aniline which may be bad for the eyes. Making your own liner at home helps you to control the ingredients and also save great deal of cost.

Making your own gel eyeliner at home

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