Teens are now following a new tattooing trend and the results are creepy

First it was tattoos and piercings, then the latest terrifying trend graduated to the new form of tattooing called scarification and if that wasn’t enough to make the younger generation gothic enough, there’s a new trend doing the rounds that completes your attire of weird, scary and whatever you may like to call it.

The new eyeball tattooing trend is both crazy and weird. In fact there are some styles of eye coloring that look really bizarre.

1 The new trend changing your eye color

If you thought this had something to do with colored lenses, then think again. Eye coloring involves the scary aspect of tattooing your eyeballs. Terrified of the thought, or did your hairs on your neck stand at the prospect of a needle hammering at your eyes filling them with color.

Eye tattooing is creepy but that doesn’t stop thousands of youngsters taking to the new fashion craze.

The new trend changing your eye color

Image Source: www.abc.net.au

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