15 Women Who Should Definitely Get A Refund For Their Online Purchase

Online shopping at times seems to be a gift from the heavens. Thanks to modern technology and apps we can sit at home and look thought a wide variety of products to find something that suits our needs perfectly.

But, as with everything, there comes a small catch. Fake companies promote better-looking products than legit ones. This is why many people often get scammed by these online companies. They market impressive images of products that they do not sell or produce. When someone does order it they out together the sloppiest products they can find and ship it out.

1That’s not what any 5-year-old should be wearing

This image was posted on Reddit where the user describes a costume she had bought for her 5-year-old son. The costume was meant to be for a child but looks like something an adult can wear and not look that innocent. This is why we always say be careful what you buy online and make sure you can return it for a full refund.

Image Source: mocool.eu

2That’s not even close

This image just goes to show how bad online shopping can get. If the site you’re buying from is not a reputable one then get ready to receive things like this. This dress does not even look like they tried. It’s not even the same color. And this dress was for a wedding. We really hope they were refunded for this mess.

Image Source: izismile.com

3Just a bit too small

There have been numerous reports of things like this happening. People see something online that looks incredible and is priced really well. They buy it but what they get when it arrives is just a miniature of what they ordered. This is what seems to have happened to this unfortunate person.

Image Source: zaujimavysvet.webnoviny.sk

4That’s not even plus size

This is something that anyone who has shopped online can relate to, the sizes are a mess. What you see online and even using the charts the seller provides you can often end up buying something that is not even close to what you want or need. This size issue is something we all have faced at some point.

Image Source: mmbiz.qpic.cn

5What you see is not what you get

There have been many cases where people have seen knitted sweaters online but received normal shirts or t-shirts with a knitted print on them. This is exactly what happened to this person. She thought she had bought a knitted sweater but what she got was a spandex long-sleeve shirt with a pattern printed on it.

Image Source: webnoviny.sk

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