If you have blue lips, immediately get it checked it as it can indicate serious ailments

Our body is a something that can do most of things on its own. It can mend itself and also indicate if something is wrong with it. Medical professionals are trained to look for indicators given y the body in event of a medical problem and one of those indicators is the color of lips turning blue and we are here to tell you what can be wrong with a person if his/her lips turn blue or gray in color.

1 What do blue colored lips mean and indicate?

Our body is a brilliant work of art by nature and repairs almost every ailments and injuries by itself or with the help of some antibiotics. Nature has designed our body to sustain for 200 years, but external factors and our own wrongdoings mean that the most any human has lived (officially) has been 122 years. Our internal mechanism are designed to indicate when something is wrong with our body or something is about to go wrong, only we should know how to read those indicators. One such indicator is changing colors of our lips and you should be alarmed if for any reason our lips even show a tinge of blue color. This condition is called cyanosis and it affects gums, lips and even hands and feet. If cyanosis happens, it may indicate that you are suffering from one or more than one of the following diseases. Click on next to know about the first possible disease.

What do blue colored lips mean

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