Children of depressed parents often grow up to be fussy eaters

Various studies in recent years have shown that the weird pattern of behaviour of the child and also the parents; together determine the eating habits of the child. The mental condition of the pregnant mother can also influence her unborn child and that in turn results in an unhealthy food habit and depression among children. Therefore, it is important for the mother to have peace of mind during pregnancy. Counselling and consulting a nutritionist for such children would help as well.

There are many ways in which these troubles work and here we are going to discuss the influence and how it occurs and also the remedy to the problem.

1 What actually happens?

The children of the pre-school level particularly suffer from this acute condition where they have a tendency of not eating properly and fussing over food a lot. The link between the child’s eating patterns and their parents mental condition is however rather undefined.

The child persistently refuses to eat certain kinds of food over a period of time and this habit continues throughout his or her life if not corrected within the time. It is seen that 30% of children who have such trouble are actually born from parents with a history of depression. It can also be the result of unhealthy home environment- that is, fighting parents who are always suffering from bouts of anxiety and depression. The child raised in this environment is in turn subjected to trauma that also influences his or her basic habits.

What actually happens?

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