Here are ten dangerous Germs present on your Smartphone

You may be having the latest Smartphone with high tech wizardry and applications that most would envy, but you know what? For all the hype and hoopla about your Smartphone, the gadget may well be the host of millions of bacteria, some of which originate from fecal poop. So, be careful as to who touches your Smartphone or when and how you touch it too. In a research carried out in 2009, several dangerous bacteria were found originating from Smartphones, some of which had the potential to be fatal too.

Have you ever given a thought about these 10 dangerous germs present on your Smartphone?? Well here’s what you should know now!!

1 Coliform

Microbiologists form Arizona University released a study in 2012 suggesting that smartphones contain more germs than a toilet seat. Among such bacteria, Coliform, found in human and animal feces were the most common bacteria existing on smartphones. So read on to find out what more could exist invisibly on your Smartphone.


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