Your favorite deodorant can actually cause cancer and breast growth in men

The deodorant industry is big business. You may have witnessed the growth of one particularly popular spray by virtue of its ever growing advertisements. I’m speaking about THE AXE EFECT. Who doesn’t like The AXE spray? Of course everyone wants the Axe musk or whether as it relates to some sense of machoism. This popular deodorant causes cancer and several other diseases.

But and there always has to be a but because this is what the ads won’t tell you, That axe like any other deodorant is full of harmful chemicals. Obviously that fresh scented odour is the ultimate disguise and that my friend is the true axe effect.

1 Axe is full of toxins

Purchasing cosmetics is a gamble. They may or may not work. The promotional events of Axe target the male population extolling the virtues of how axe is loved by women which isn’t entirely true. AT one time Even Axe rethought its campaigns to focus less o the women attraction angle. However that is the least of the problems in using axe. The following chemical is what makes Axe a popular deodorant cause cancer.

Axe is full of toxic ingredients one of which is Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly. This is the antiperspirant in Axe which provides 24 hour protection. Your skin absorbs the aluminum ions that can lead to nerve damage, kidney damage, Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. According to the endocrine society, such endocrine disruptors can affect both male and female reproduction, cause prostate cancer, thyroid problems and metabolic disruption. It can even lead to breast development in men because of the hormonal imbalances. Take a look at the other harmful ingredients in Axe.

Axe is full of toxins

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