Experts Find That New AI Is Officially Better Than Humans In Diagnosing Breast Cancer

8Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK

The most common form of cancer in the UK is breast cancer. According to figures by Cancer Research UK, more than 55,000 people are diagnosed every year. Moreover, in the UK one in seven women develop breast cancer in their lifetime and the disease is common in older women. Cancer Research Chief executive Michelle Mitchell said: “These results highlight the significant role that AI could play in the future of cancer care. “Embracing technology like this may help improve the way we diagnose cancer in the years to come.

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9The problems with breast cancer screenings today

She went on to say that regular screening in women can help detect breast cancer in its early stages when it is easier to treat. This helps patients survive the disease. The biggest problem however, is that there are harmful problems such as diagnosing cancers that may not have caused any problems or even missing out on harmful cancers.

She said “This is still early-stage research, but it shows how AI could improve breast cancer screening and ease pressure off the NHS. And while further clinical studies are needed to see how and if this technology could work in practice, the initial results are promising.”

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10Women over 50 should be regularly screened for breast cancer

Women above 50 across the world are advised to get a mammogram every three years and the results analysed by at least two independent experts. The problem is that there can be wrong interpretation of the scans that misdiagnose patients causing unnecessary stress and depression or even missing out the disease altogether a d failing to check its spread. With the implementation of the AI method, perhaps specialists will be in a better position to make well-informed decisions and analysis of a patient’s condition.

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