This method of using guava leaves is guaranteed to reduce hair loss and increase growth

The guava is a versatile fruit blessed with several health properties. As a rich source of vitamins and iron, you could well improve your health by consuming guavas regularly. However, the leaves of the guava are not to be outdone when it comes to providing health benefits too.

Guava leaves for hair loss is a fantastic solution where Mother Nature has given us the simplest ingredients to treat a condition plaguing millions of people the world over today.

1 Guava leaves are an effective remedy to prevent hair fall

Today in the market, several hair loss remedies exist. But how effective are they in treating hair fall. Moreover, most of them contain chemicals not good for skin. Guava leaves are one of the most effective natural remedies known for centuries as a potent cure of hair loss. In addition, guava leaves also treat diseases like dengue by increasing your platelet count. I bet you never knew that!!

What do guava leaves contain that make it so effective a remedy for hair loss. Well, guava leaves contain essential vitamins such as Vitamin B essential to hair growth. Read on to find out how to use guava leaves for hair loss.

Guava leaves prevent hair fall

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