What you should know about SSPE A rare killer dsease that attacks children

It has always been our endeavor to bring you the latest information about health and also disease. There is certain rare disease which many may not know about unless it hits you. To be forewarned is always to be forearmed and with this in mind, you need to know all about one of the most deadliest diseases. SSPE or Subacute sclerosing Panencephalitis which is a dangerous disorder of the brain. This article will tell you all about SSPE.

1 Factors you need to know about SSPE

SSPE is a progressive disease and can be fatal. It is most likely caused by an adverse reaction of the immune system to diseases such as measles or rubella. There are three important factors you need to know about SSPE.

  • The specific causes have not been determined and is unknown
  • Experts feel it is caused by mutations of the measles virus because of an abnormal immune response
  • You can prevent SSPE by getting vaccinated against measles. This information is particularly beneficial for children.
Factors you need to know about SSPE

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