This miracle herb can cure many health issues effectively

Your eye is the window to your soul. Unquestionably eyes are the most vital part of our body. And if you are blessed with a healthy pair of eyes, consider yourself extremely fortunate. Those of you dealing with various eye problems, there’s good news for you too. We bring to you information about the miracle herb called “eyebright” that is known to cure various eye problems and other ailments as well. So have faith and read on.

1 What is Eyebright?

Eyebright is an herb which belongs to the Figwort family. The leaves stem and flowers of this plant are edible and can be used as an herbal medicine. The first mention of this herb dates back to 1305 in Gordon’s Liticium Medicina. It has been described as a cure for all eye maladies.

What is Eyebright?

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