Path breaking study finds that Dietary Fiber reduces risk of Stroke, Dementia and several diseases

Nutritionists have always advocated the goodness of fiber and its benefits of weight loss. Fiber is essential to every diet, as it also provides you with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. But now, in an extension of the benefits of fiber, researchers have found that fiber reduces risk of stroke and dementia as well as cancer, depression and heart disease. In fact, those who ate more fiber increased their life span by 10 years.

1 Why is fiber so great?

Evidence compiled from the remarkable research found that a diet high in fiber with the stipulated amount of fruits and cereals could well reduce the risks of disabilities of ageing and helped a person to live a strong healthy life. 80 percent of those eating fiber increased a lifespan by a decade.

The research followed through factors concerning a glycemic index, fiber and sugar consumption. Fiber was the dominating influence on aging successfully without contracting conditions such as impaired brain function, depression, respiratory condition, cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer.

Why is fiber so great?

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