This is the real truth behind E-cigarettes. Look how companies have been fooling you all this while

E-Cigarettes were introduced in 2004 as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. They were advertised as having less to no nicotine in them. In some US states, these E-Cigarettes are also allowed to be sold to the minors which can cause severe health concerns for them. The myth of E-Cigarettes being safer than cigarettes was broken long back and if you are addicted to E-Cigarettes, you should better read this article. it was recently found that a very harmful chemical is routinely added to the liquid nicotine in E-Cigarettes in order to give flavors to the E-Cigarettes and which causes a very severe, irreversible disease that can be fatal.

1 What are e-cigarettes?

The E-Cigarettes are the new way of smoking tobaccos as compared with normal cigarettes. In E-Cigarettes, there is a battery, a cartridge full of nicotine and other liquids of different flavors. When you light a E-Cigarettes, the battery heats the nicotine liquid and you inhale the vapors and exhale the residual smoke. Some E-Cigarettes are disposable, while some can be re-used. Using E-Cigarettes is known as vaping. When it comes to how safe these E-Cigarettes are, well jury is out on that. Since these E-Cigarettes also contain nicotine which is an addictive substance, you can get addicted to E-Cigarettes also. If you try to give them up, you can go through withdrawal syndrome like people who give actual cigarettes up. Let’s see how E-Cigarettes harm people who use them.


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2 How are they injurious to our health?

Constant use of E-Cigarettes may cause something known as popcorn lung disease or bronchiolitis obliterans. In this condition, the small sacs in the lungs get scarred. This happens due to a chemical found known a diacetyl, which is also found in microwave popcorn. It is used to give popcorn its buttery taste and too much consumption of microwave popcorn can also cause damage to your lungs. The same diacetyl is used as a flavoring agent in E-Cigarettes and inhaling the vapor of diacetyl puts the lungs of E-Cigarettes users at risk. The popcorn lung disease causes obstruction in airways due to inflammation of lungs and makes breathing difficult and painful. In some cases, even full lung transplant has to be carried out in order to save the life of patients.

E-Cigarettes injurious to health

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