Important reasons why you need to improve your poor posture to avoid..

How many times have you been told to sit up straight and not slouch both in school and at home? It isn’t for pleasure that you’ve been told to sit upright, it’s for your health. A good upright posture is extremely good for health and contributes to a string and sturdy spine whereas slouching can cause you a world of problems.

Poor posture can cause several health problems concerning the heart, your head, spine and digestive tract. It can lead to degenerative spinal disease too. Here are 6 reasons to improve your posture.

1 Poor Digestion

Due to sitting all day at work or school, we tend to slip and slouch constricting the major part of our body inhibiting the free movement of food within our digestive tract. Constriction can lead to stomach problems because of flatulence and indigestion.

Poor Digestion

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