The Wrinkles on Your Face Are Signs That Reveal 15 Things about Your Health

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging even though we dislike them. They can’t be avoided and just won’t go away in spite of all the anti-aging creams and miracle creams claiming to make your face wrinkle-free. What many don’t know is that besides a marker of age, wrinkles also have another meaning and can reveal several details about the state of your health, and the condition of your body. Here is some useful information on how wrinkles can indicate more than just your age.

1Horizontal forehead lines

The Horizontal lines on your forehead are known as worry lines because they appear when you keep squinting and frowning out of stress or constant work. These indicate a lot of daily stress and if accentuated it means you have to learn how to relax a bit and take it easy. Alternately, these lines can also appear if you consume excess sugar and drink less water. Thus even without stress, if you have these lines, reconsider your diet and relax more.

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2Left eyebrow lines

There is a direct link between the left facial eyebrow lines and your spleen. If the lines near your left eyebrow are looking more prominent in a short span of time, then it could indicate that your spleen isn’t functioning properly and could be damaged, you need to consult a doctor. The spleen is stimulated and even strengthened with various sweet foods but you have to be careful about excess sugar as it can also harm the spleen. Dried fruits are best for the spleen.

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3Right eyebrow lines

The right eyebrow lines indicate a level of toxic substances in the body. Your liver and skin are connected and also the lines which appear near your right eyebrow. If vertical lines appear more visible than usual, it could indicate a problem in the liver. The best remedy is to start an organic diet with plenty of green veggies, leafy greens, and your adequate dose of protein. Reduce coffee, spicy food, salt and processed foods.

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4Nose bridge line

Allergies are also indicated by a line across the bridge of your nose. It can also be an indicator of worry and stress. Lines on the nose bridge are also linked to your love life and libido, thus a nose bridge line that is accentuated is a sign of low libido. Try to spice up your intimate life to reduce nose bridge lines.

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5Crow’s feet

The lines that radiate from the corners of your eyes are known as crow’s feet. Prominent crow’s feet indicate that you use your entire face to smile which creates the lines. It is also a sign of squinting and problems with eyesight. Crow’s feet are associated with the kidneys, liver and stomach. Thus if you have very prominent crow’s feet, it means that you need to take more care of your diet.

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