4 Most Funny Lesson For Your Life

Read the funniest life lesson. However, these lessons are written in a funny tone, but they have a depth inside.

Until now, these are the funniest lesson of life. Read them and enjoy.

Lesson 1:

A manager, sales rep and a clerk were out for lunch. While they were on their path to the restaurant, they found ad lamp. They rub it and a genie came out. That genie said, “Do you have a wish? I will fulfil it.” Sales rep instantaneously said, “May I have the first turn?” “I want to visit Bahamas for driving a speedboat without worrying about anything”. Puff!! And he was gone. “I am on the next turn”, said the clerk. “ I want to go to Hawaii for relaxing on a beach. I necessitate my peculiar masseuse there along with an endless supply of Pina Coladas. Puff!! He was gone to Hawaii. Genie said to the manager, “Now it is your turn”. Manager said, I want clerk and sales rep back in office after lunch hour.

Moral: Let the Boss have first turn.


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