At 99 he survived Cancer Surgery; now meet the staff who performed the miraculous feat

What do you say to the miraculous event of a 99 year old man and the oldest patient surviving cancer surgery to see his 100th birthday? Although it may be considered a true miracle, due credit needs to be given to the people who made it happen. This 99 year old man survived cancer surgery because of a tireless and endearing effort of a 19 member team who operated to remove a huge tumor in Victor Marston’s bowel giving him a new lease of life even as he was diagnosed to die within 24 hours. Victor is the oldest patient surviving cancer surgery which is now a record of sorts.

Victor Marston a Great grandfather and a world war II veteran from Ringwood Hampshire had beaten bowel cancer twice in his life and he wasn’t going to allow the third attack to deprive him from his 100th birthday even if it meant beating a deadline of 24 hours.

1 Victor undergoes surgery at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Victor was about to embark on his annual holiday to Torquay when he was struck down by excruciating pain in his stomach. An Ultrasound revealed a fist sized cancerous tumor in hs bowel which needed to be remove or he would have died in 24 hours. Victor had no alternative but to undergo surgery at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital. The subsequent operation involved 50 staff sourced from various hospitals that performed surgery on victor making him the oldest patient surviving cancer surgery in the world.

As he turns 100 years old, Victor is now looking forward to spending Christmas at his favorite venue the local conservative club. Here are some of the main NHS employees involved with Victor’s surgery.

Victor undergoes surgery

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