Ageing Dad opens up a giant Christmas Present to get the surprise of his life

Although there is a saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, there are times when we do need to see our families especially when they involve elderly parents. Parents should never be taken for granted especially at Christmas because there will come a Christmas without them. You will never be prepared for that. When this ageing dad opens his giant Christmas present he received a huge surprise form his daughter Terra Casey and all because of one reason.

If your family isn’t too far away you should be thankful for that because there are several people around the world who despite wanting to be with their families, just can’t because of being separated by long distances.

1 She spent 25 years away from her father

Terra Casey had spent almost 25 Christmases away from the family because they live on exactly opposite ends of the United States. It is a situation like this that absences make you realize how important your family is to you.

Terra Casey Decided she would see her father on Christmas and she would do so in the most imaginative and surprising way possible. Terra does see her day now and then but she has never got to spend Christmas with him. This time she changed all that.

Giant christmas present

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