Amazing facts about nursery rhymes and the latent meanings they hold

When it comes to nursery rhymes, there is barely anyone who finds them boring, even eras after the phase of learning has passed. Nursery rhymes are a foundation for kids’ learning music and words. Then again, there are some surprising facts about nursery rhymes about which you might have never imagined all your life. The most innocent of nursery rhymes have the darkest of secrets within them and we are going to unveil them to you here.

1 Ring O Roses

The nursery rhymes that we all sang so lovingly and happily were composed in times that were disastrous. This is one nursery rhyme that has a dark meaning behind it. The song is said to have originated in the year 1665 in England during the Plague. The ring of roses is basically a reference to the fact that one might have caught the plague on. The nursery rhyme follows with a sneezing sound. This is again a state that the plague could lead to. There were more modern lyrics added later that were used to wash off the gravely serious feel of the rhyme.

 Ring O Roses

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