An Oklahoman company designs bulletproof blankets for kids – is it a good solution to the growing school attacks?

What is the safest place for kids? When asked the question, many of you without a blink would answer ‘Home’! Fair enough, what about the second safest place? Most of us wouldn’t hesitate much to answer ‘schools’. Unfortunately, the home away from home hasn’t been safe for kids in the past few years. The number of mass shootings at schools in the US has made us worried and truth be told, slightly hopeless.

While officials are trying to devise ways to curb terrorism and take preventive measures in case of school attacks, bulletproof blankets for kids sounds like a tentative protection for school kids.

1 US shudder under the threat of mass shootings!

It’s difficult to even digest the fact that there have been 161 school shootings in the United States since 2013. Kids hear about these events on news, from their parents, or witness these tragedies firsthand.How do you talk to little kids about self-defense against shooters? One BBC News commentator even said that the event marked “just another day in the United States.”

What shocked us was the a program on ‘Fox & Friends’, which was a series of self-defense moves students can use against armed gunmen in the classroom.

 US shudder under the threat of mass shootings!

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