The color of a candle you choose reveals your personality

Colors have a very important role in our lives. Colors have been known to influence moods of humans and therefore you might notice varieties of colors used in hotels, lobbies and doctor’s lounge, as colors are used to keep people calm and relaxed.

Colors can affect us both physically and emotionally and our choice of colors tells many secrets about us. So choose a candle of the color that you like the most and read what it tells about you and your personality.

1 Black

Black is the color of secrecy and mystery. People who love black color have lots of secrets that they don’t want to share. Their methods of work and behavior tend to have lots of mysterious air around them. People with black as their favorite color are also people with power, love to be in control and are mostly in authoritative positions.

People with black as their favorite color means they love to be seductive and are full of love towards their partner. But such people also have the tendency of suppressing their emotions.


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