10 Common behavioral traits we display everyday that is yet a mystery to science

Modern day humans have been around for just 200,000 years despite of earth being almost 4.5 billion years old. Evolution is a miracle no less and although scientists are constantly making new discoveries concerning us humans, there are still some common traits displayed by humans that are yet to decipher entirely. Such behavioral traits influenced by our senses may have their own scientific explanation but most are still a matter of debate whether scientific reasoning is yet to reach a conclusion. It goes to show how humans are a fascinating species with evolutionary behavior that is still a mystery to science. Here are ten examples of common behavior unexplained by science.

1 Dreaming

Science is yet to explain the phenomena of dreaming. Although the physical aspect attributes dreaming to REM or rapid eye movement, what causes REM to induce fantastic dreams of a varied nature? What causes man to dream of his teeth falling out or turning up at work naked? Sigmund Freud theorized dreams as the unconscious symbols of a mind craving its innermost desires. I’d like to think that dreams are symbolic interpretations of our innermost fears too.


Image Source: www.lonerwolf.com

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