Couple with 26 year age gap is happily married with a Miracle Baby

It’s a common saying that age is just a number. And rightly so, because in this world of broken relationships despite of age compatibility, there is no reason why couples with large age differences can’t be happy. Take for example this couple with a 26 year age gap. Both are not just happy, but in the process of raising their own little miracle baby.

Sarah, 31 and Mike, 57, have been happily married for 12 years. The couple has an even bigger reason to celebrate, as they are now the proud parents of a beautiful miracle baby of their own. Due to several physiological reasons, a baby wasn’t possible and now they have little Joshua and the couple is ecstatic.

1 The Couple Met When She Was Only 19

Sara Leigh Bergin from Nantwich, Cheshire, UK, first met her husband Mike when she was just 19. Mike was 45 at the time. Despite of objections and reservations from friends and family, they went ahead. To strangers on the road, Sara and Mike looked like father and daughter, but that didn’t bother them in the least. This couple was in love and for them the age gap didn’t really matter. They married in 2011.The only obstacle marring this near perfect and happy marriage was that the couple couldn’t have a baby.

Sara and mike

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Mike’s irreversible vasectomy was one dominant factor that did not allow him to conceive a child. Moreover, Sara too suffered from polycystic ovaries and imbalanced hormone syndrome. Sara said, “In 2014, I started to research different IVF clinics, due to being turned down by the NHS for treatment because Mike had a vasectomy.” The couple even visited a fertility clinic on Fertility Road where expert Tone Jarvis –Mack advised them on what to do. After meeting Norweginian, Doctor Hausken at the London Fertility show, they decided to travel to Norway for specialized treatment.

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